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New trailer drops for PS3 console port of Diablo III

During Sony's "See The Future" PS4 event, Blizzard revealed that Diablo III is coming to PlayStation 3. Now we get our first look at the console port's in-game footage with a brand new game play trailer.

Blizzard Entertainment has just released a brand new trailer for the console port of Diablo III, giving gamers a brief look at actual in-game footage that shows off fluid combat as well as the game's interfaces.

The upcoming console port of Diablo III is planned to feature most of the same elements of its PC counterpart, including the same classes, enemies, levels and acts, etc. Blizzard plans to bring the full extent of hack-and-slash action RPG to the PlayStation 3, including online multiplayer via the PlayStation Network and local split-screen play.

This won't be the first Diablo game that's made its way onto the PlayStation console; back in 1996 Blizzard North released the first Diablo game onto the original PlayStation as an exact port of the PC version. It will be interesting to see how the two versions differ–if at all–and how Blizzard adapts a traditional point-and-click dungeon crawler into a fully functional console release.

There have also been other titles of this nature released onto consoles: Runic Games released the original Torchlight action RPG onto Xbox LIVE as an Arcade title, and it worked quite well.

The PS3 port aims to bring the full Diablo III experience to your living room in the comfort of your couch, and based on the fluidity of the game play footage in the new trailer, they may very well pull it off. Everything from combat to inventory and item mechanics is featured within the trailer, giving a nice if not brief look at the upcoming release.

Additionally it will be interesting to see if the PS3 version features cross-over play with PC gamers, and if the current and future patches will be represented in the game.

Much of the game's core constituency has been divided on many aspects of the game–including the prospect of paying real money in the game's virtual Real Money Auction House (RMAH)–and with the new PS3 version in the works Blizzard has opened up new doors for console gamers…something that avid fans of the series may have mixed feelings about.

In any case, it will be interesting to see if the RMAH is implemented in the PS3 version, if cross-over play is featured, and what bugs (if any) will arise. Many longtime Diablo gamers will remember the dupe glitch in the original PlayStation version. However, Blizzard is notorious for nerfing many features of its games so it most likely won't last.

Information on a release date has yet to be revealed, but we'll keep you updated once it's announced. For more information on the PS3 version of Diablo III please visit the game's official website.

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