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New Umeox X5 photos surface, still record-breaking thin but sporting 4-inch display?

Made official a few days ago, the latest candidate for the “world’s thinnest smartphone” title, the Umeox X5, continues to be a tough nut to crack. When will it come? How much it’ll cost? What other aces does it have up its sleeve besides the 5.6 mm “waist”?


Those are just a few of the questions still left unanswered, even with a new set of high-res photos posted online. Said pics show off the X5 in the flesh, confirming it’s super-slim (that coin photo says it all), but also debunking the thing’s previously rumored display size.

There’s absolutely no way the pictured device is a massive 5.3-incher, but is it at least 5 inch? 4.5? No and probably no, as the full dimensions have reportedly been revealed pointing at a phone no larger than 4 inch.


Specifically, the Umeox X5 is said to measure 118 mm in height and 60 in width, which for comparison’s sake is right in iPhone 5’s ballpark. Bummer for all you guys thinking size is everything, but if you ask me it’s refreshing to see an OEM focus on portability for a change.


What bugs me a little (okay, more than a little) is there’s a good chance the X5 will come with fairly modest specs outside of the display spectrum. True, we know very little about features right now, but if you look carefully in one of the newly emerged photos you’ll see the rear camera is a 5 MP unit. With no flash. Sorry, Umeox, but that would be a massive deal-breaker for me.

Via [GizChina] and [Shoujitan]

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