Naughty Dog has confirmed that a PlayStation 4 version of Uncharted is in the works.


The Uncharted franchise will be making an official cross-over to the PlayStation 4, Naughty Dog confirms. Announced during Spike TV’s All Access PS4 event, a short but sweet teaser showcased a very revenge-driven character that plotted nefarious vengeance upon those who wronged him.

Naughty Dog devs were on-scene, and showcased the trailer, but didn’t have much to say other than that the game keeps its story-based gameplay and that the PS4 will offer a big jump in graphics.

It will be interesting to see Naughty Dog unveil more features and gameplay dynamics as 2014 rolls around, but for now we’ll have to keep elated with the fact that a new Uncharted is coming to Sony’s next-gen console.