Windows RT

In Microsoft’s keynote during this year’s Computex, Windows CFO Tami Reller revealed that all new x86 Windows 8 tablets will come with Microsoft Office pre-loaded onto them, giving users free access to the software.

While Reller didn’t delve deeper into specific software details, she did however mention that Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote will be included with the new offering.

Windows RT products are also slated to receive a new software addition of their own: the mail client Outlook 2013 will be pre-installed after the Windows RT 8.1 update rolls out. The inclusion of a full desktop version of Outlook has been sorely needed for Windows RT, and Microsoft is no-doubt responding to feedback of countless users who felt that limitations of the RT’s current e-mail client were lacking.

A preview version of the Windows RT 8.1 update is believed to be available later this month–with the full version on its way later this year–and it will be interesting to see if Microsoft reveals more details on the specifics of the new Office offering during this year’s Build conference.

Via The Verge, Engadget