Specs for Microsoft's next-generation Xbox 720 console may have been leaked onto the internet by an ex-Ubisoft employee who claims to know all about the upcoming console.

According to recent leaked information, Microsoft's Xbox 720 console may very well boast an AMD eight-core CPU and a 8800 series GPU.

This info has been gleaned by a regular user on the Chinese forum site TGFC known as BD. The user also claims to be an ex employee for the video gaming publisher and developer Ubisoft, and makes further claims to be an expert on Microsoft's upcoming next generation console.

BD goes on to reveal that Microsoft may use Windows 8 kernel for the system, and that the Xbox 720 may have 8GB of RAM and 640 GB of hard drive memory.

Keep in mind that none of this data has been acknowledged to be factual and still at this point remains unofficial speculation…however it would be interesting to find this leaked info to be correct, especially with the Xbox 720's reveal coming at this year's E3 event in June.

Source: Gamechup