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New York Times releases Google Glass app

Google's augmented reality glasses have received an app from The New York Times which will allow users to read headlines on the go.

Google Glass won't be available to the public for some time, but early adopters of the explorer edition are now going to be able to check out one of the first 3rd party apps developed for the platform, and the first which doesn't come pre-loaded on the device. The app is developed by The New York Times and allows you to read headlines in Glass.

Demo of the app at SXSW2013


The app was first demonstrated at SXSW 2013 in Austin, TX, where Google developer advocate Timothy Jordan showed off the various features. The app pipes news headlines to the Glass display at regular intervals, not dissimilar to a news ticker. Navigating the news feed is done by tilting your head. Tilting will also allow the user to look at full articles and photos. As if that wasn't cool enough, Glass can even read you headlines and article briefs aloud.


The New York times may be first, but other companies have already promised to release Glass-friendly versions of their apps. Both Evernote and Twitter and supposedly working on such applications.



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