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Next-gen console pre-orders to begin this afternoon

Get ready to pledge your hard-earned cash to Sony and Microsoft.


With E3 only a few hours away, retailers are gearing up for one of the biggest pre-order days of the year.  An insider source told GamesRadar earlier today, that GameStop may begin taking pre-orders for the next-gen consoles as early as this afternoon. With Sony and Microsoft planning to detail their major games and exclusives today, places such as GameStop and major retailers such as BestBuy and Walmart could see a major influx of excited consumers.


While online retailers have already started taking pre-orders for the Xbox One and PS4, a pricing announcement this afternoon could drastically change sales and pre-order costs. GameStop locations may even open earlier or close later to accommodate the expected pre-order frenzy.

With a lot of the negative opinion on the Xbox One, the early favourite is Sony’s Playstation 4, but this could definitely change over the next 72 hours.

via GamesRadar

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