Although AMD's first generation of mainstream Fusion has just released, the talk at AMD's Fusion Developer Summit involves the next-gen Fusion part – Trinity. Trinity will incorporate Bulldozer cores to the CPU part, finally bidding farewell to the aging 10h-based architecture. However, it is not just the CPU part getting an upgrade; the GPU of Trinity will be based on the AMD's new VLIW-4 architecture, currently used only in Cayman: Radeon HD 6900 series. There will be no die shrink involved, Trinity will continue to be fabbed at Globalfoundries' 32nm. 

It is clear that Llano has a significant advantage over Sandy Bridge in terms of GPU performance, while at the same time a significant deficit in CPU performance. With Trinity, AMD is aiming to compete against Ivy Bridge. Not only is closing down the CPU performance gap in the agenda, but AMD is also looking to further strengthen its GPU advantage. 

Trinity carries the vague timeline of "2012" for release. Despite that, AMD has already demonstrated Trinity working inside a laptop. The demo involved a video being playback. While that might not be the most intensive workload, it does show that Trinity is alive and kicking. 

Source: PCPer, SemiAccurate


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