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Next version of Android will include a ‘performance boosting thing’

A user’s bug request in which he asks for better memory optimization on Android gets approved for a future release.


A user from India by the name of Amit decided to take matters into his own hands after facing issues with performance on Android. He filed a bug on the Android Open Source Project page in which he detailed the issues he was facing, most of which were centred around the performance of Android on various mobiles and tablets. He then suggested that Google should add a “performace boosting thing’ into Android that can handle memory optimization more efficiently. Here is the bug submission in its entirety:

hi guyz,

thanks for the awsome android.

my feature request is about performance.i have used many of the android versioned mobile phone and tabs. in all that i noticed about the performance factor.can u guyz add some performace boosting thing on the next version or any update to existing. i want to open 10+ apps, active few ones and mostly inactive.when 5+ apps of size about 2gb its starts hanging or slowing down the running speed.can u make some redesign or something that will increase the performance using lesser ram use. 

my request feature is about ram consumption. please make it in the update so the phone can produce much fast perfomance.

hope u consider this.

ty again for the gr8 android.

Cheers to u !!

While the wording could have been better, Amit does mention a few issues that most Android users currently face. Most low-end and mid-tier devices fail to run memory intensive utilities, and while Google has made several enhancements in Android 4.4 KitKat that allow low-end devices to run relatively lag-free, there is still a lot of work to be done. It does look like Google is monitoring the issue, as a software engineer from the Android team has indicated that the issues stated in the bug would be fixed in a future release.

Android bug

Source: Android bug tracker

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