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Next Xbox might be named Xbox Infinity

The International Business Times is claiming to have sources that have indicated that the next Xbox will be called the Xbox Infinity.

Picture from Reddit, possible leak

It won’t be too long from now, twelve days in fact, until we find out all there is to know about Microsoft’s next-generation console. There have been many names floating around for quite some time now which include Xbox 720, Xbox Loop, Xbox 8, and even Xbox Infinity.

We may have a winner in the latter if The International Business Times UK is accurate. They are claiming that their sources have told them that the next Xbox would indeed be named ‘Xbox Infinity’. Their sources are apparently related to the development of the new Xbox in some way. They also mention that developers have development kits for the new console, which isn’t surprising at all considering developers require them long in advance in order to have time to prepare their games for the system.

Outside of this rumor the name remains unconfirmed but it is one that seems to be lingering quite a bit, so there might be some truth to it. IGN has reached out to Microsoft for comment but have unsurprisingly received no response.

We won’t need to speculate for long with the event less than two weeks away where the name will be one of many things we hope to learn.

Source: The International Business Times UK Via: IGN

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