A Nexus 4 and 7 spotted running on Android build KRS36B suggest Google is already hard at work on bringing out Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie, the expected major upgrade to the OS after Jelly Bean.


The fact that Android 4.3 would be called Jelly Bean was revealed through a few bug reports in the Chromium bug tracker, and now that bug tracker may have confirmed that the next Android version will be Key Lime Pie (or another dessert that starts with K, if you can think of any): both the Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 have made an appearance running Android build KRS36B.

The “K” in the build number is the thing to note here, as the first letter of Android builds always comes from the name of the OS version, like “J” for Jelly Bean or “I” for Ice Cream Sandwich. The Galaxy S III, S4, and Note II are mentioned as well, but only the Nexus 4/7 are listed with the mysterious new build number. The version number of Key Lime Pie is expected to be 5.0 , but with Google sticking to 4.x for the last two major releases, it could even turn out to be 4.4.


Key Lime Pie is rumored to bring major UI refinements (some suspect Google could move to a cards-based UI for the whole OS), performance improvements and optimizations for a better experience on 512MB RAM devices; it will probably launch sometime this fall, along with a new Nexus 10 and the next flagship Nexus smartphone.

So, looks like we can finally start counting the days before the next major upgrade to Android is unleashed upon us. Damn, just when we were getting comfortable with the superficially minor 4.3 update.

SourceChromium Bug Tracker