A couple of leaked benchmarks reveal that the upcoming Google Nexus 5 will be a veritable powerhouse, at least when it comes to graphical performance.


The Nexus 5 appeared on GFXBench’s website, scoring in two separate benchmarks. In the T-Rex 2.7 test, one of the more strenuous ones that tests a device’s capabilities at 1080p with the screen off (irrespective of the actual screen resolution), saw the Nexus 5 leading other Android smartphones, while tying up with the Apple iPhone 5s. Meanwhile, in the Egypt 2.5 benchmark, the Nexus 5 was able to top even the iPhone 5s, which is the current leader in benchmark performance (though since these are off-screen tests, real-life performance will likely be lower than the iPhone’s).

Compared to other top-of-the-line Android handsets, the Nexus 5 was likely at an advantage due to the fact that it’s running stock Android, which isn’t bogged down by manufacturer skin and bloat. Android 4.4 KitKat probably had a part to play as well, considering even Android 4.3 comes with noticeable performance improvements over previous versions of the OS (and with support for OpenGL 3.0).


Whatever the case may be, the Nexus 5 is shaping up to be the best Nexus smartphone yet, and should at least keep benchmark aficionados satisfied. The wait for the supposed October 14th unveil just got a whole lot more exciting.

Source: GFXBench