Just a couple of days away from Google I/O, GottaBeMobile posts some impressive (and realistic) concept renders of unreleased Nexus devices made by designer Bob Freking.

With Google I/O developer conference round the corner and the web humming with news about new Nexus devices, designer Bob Freking shares his (impressive) concept renders and specifications of what he expects from the next generation Nexus line up.

LG Nexus 5

Google-LG have reportedly struck a deal where the Korean firm ends up as partner for producing the next generation Nexus smartphone. Popularly dubbed the Nexus 5 (we think it's the right name too), the upcoming (possibly Android 5.0) flagship device from Google might not make a formal appearance until later this year, but that doesn't really stop the designer from coming up with his own design (drawing heavily from the Nexus 4 itself).

ASUS Nexus 8

While recent reports and leaks suggest that Google might introduce an upgraded Nexus 7 tablet (nexus 7 gen 2), we believe that Google's next real mid-sized tablet will be an 8 incher (to better place the product against Apple's iPad Mini). An upgraded Full HD resolution is expected, and of course the internals will see a sizable bump in raw power (and awesomeness). However, we sincerely hope that Google re-thinks the entry level 8 GB model and launches a 16 GB model instead, especially if the device doesn't have the option for expandable storage.

Samsung Nexus 11

How could a Nexus line-up be complete without a Samsung device? For the fourth year in a row, Samsung will have a device from its stable being branded with Google's honorary Nexus tag. Last month we had covered a leaked list of upcoming tablet devices that Samsung is developing. Interestingly, that list had a Nexus 11 in it, and it also mentioned that the device is yet to be approved by Google. Well, we completely believe that the Nexus 11 by Samsung would be approved by Google but refuse to believe that it would pack a Tegra 4 chipset. The last thing Samsung would do is put a rival's flagship chipset in a device they take so much pride in building. Replace the Tegra 4 with the Exynos 5 Octa and you're good to go.

Source: GottaBeMobile