White variants of Google’s Nexus devices have never caught on in popularity, but that isn’t stopping the search giant from offering a white Nexus 5.


Pictures of the retail box of the upcoming Nexus smartphone have been leaked, and they reveal that a white variant of the device might be on its way. In fact, this might not be the first appearance of a white model – a picture of the device that leaked earlier showed another device on top with a white back, but it’s only now we realize what we might have been looking at back then.

As for that retail box, it’s most likely the real deal, as its design matches that of the new Nexus 7 – all blue coloring, with the device shown half-way on the front side and the rest on the back. The lone Bluetooth logo on the front isn’t something that’s present on boxes of previous Nexus devices, but that could be a result of the newly added Bluetooth 4.0 LE support in Android (since Android 4.3).

With a shameless reveal on Google’s official store, multiple instances of leaked hardware details, and now the appearance of the retail packaging, an official unveil of the Nexus 5 simply has to happen before the month is over. Recent signs point at October 28th being the day of the announcement, but those are signs we shouldn’t rely too heavily, lest we be disappointed yet again when that date comes and goes without anything happening.

Source: Google+ (2)