A few hours ago, Nintendo officially announced their new 2DS portable gaming console. While we have gone over how it is different from the 3DS and 3DS XL, it is time we do a proper, side-by-side hardware specs comparison. Check it out after the jump.

nintendo 2ds vs 3ds vs 3ds xl hardware specs comparison

In a press release just made public, Nintendo has compared, one-by-one, the most important hardware specifications of the 2DS against its elder brothers 3DS and 3DS XL. As expected, the $129 2DS is a reasonably nerfed version of the $169 3DS with its 2D-only display, non-foldable, less portable design, lack of a power saving mode, mono speakers, and increased weight, while the $199 3DS XL maintains its dominance with a considerably larger display and weight.

nintendo 2ds 3ds xl hardware specs comparison

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The killer $129.99 price-point makes the Nintendo 2DS the most affordable and attractive portable gaming console available in the market today. When it launches on October 12, it will give a hard time to Sony’s struggling PS Vita, and attract attention from people who were previously only considering the iPod touch 5G as their on-the-go gaming fix.

Source: Nintendo