Besides announcing a $50 price-cut for the struggling Wii U, Nintendo has announced a new portable gaming console in the DS lineup. 

nintendo 2ds press shot

Nintendo has completely surprised the gaming community today with the announcement of the 2DS. The name tells you everything you need to know about the console: it is the 3DS, without the gimmicky 3D effect.

When we say “it is the 3DS”, we mean it. All DS, DSi and 3DS games work great with the 2DS. You can play online over WiFi or locally, and even take 3D photographs using the two cameras at the back – though they aren’t viewable in 3D, obviously; you would need to transfer them to a 3DS for that.

To bring the price down, some things had to be compromised though. The 2DS does not come with a hinge, so it is somewhat less portable than the 3DS. It also has a single mono speaker, instead of stereo speakers on the 3DS.

The 2DS will be launched on October 12 for $129.99. The package will include a 4GB SD card.

via IGN