Many gamers have a soft spot for Nintendo regardless of the hardware. Despite the unconditional love that it’s receiving from people far and wide, Nintendo won’t allow Super Smash Bros. Melee fans to watch Evo’s upcoming stream of the game in the tournament.

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During a time in which one would think Nintendo would benefit greatly from getting more exposure for their franchises, the Japanese console maker has morphed into a Metapod. Evo 2013, which commences this Friday in Las Vegas, will be hosting tournaments for many big time franchises like Capcom’s Street Fighter, and Warner Bros.’ Mortal Kombat.

The news of Nintendo banning Evo from streaming Smash Bros. is much more bitter for those that helped to fundraise nearly $95,000 for breast cancer research. The generous donations towards charity helped Super Smash Bros. Melee secure its spot in the Evo festivities.

Event organizers are disappointed that Nintendo chose to impose the restriction, but from a fan perspective, the move by Nintendo hurt not only the fans but also the company’s image.

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Via kotaku