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Nintendo DSi XL Comes With Larger Screens

Nintendo DSi XL

Nintendo has recently launched their new version of their popular DSi handheld console, the DSi XL (whereby XL literally means extra large). The DSi XL has two 4.2-inch displays, as compared to the 3.25-inch on the DS Lite.

Nintendo has just launched their new DSi XL. The “XL” stands for extra large and the new version keeps the same clamshell design as the earlier versions, but with dual screens nearly doubled in size. In addition to playing games, this device has a web browser and audio player with the ebook software being in development.

The DS Lite has two 3.25 inch displays — one touchscreen, one not — but the latest version increases this to 4.2 inches. The resolution hasn’t been changed though; they remain at 256×192 pixels.

Like its predecessors, the DSi XL is focused on playing games, but this device also offer some additional features, like a web browser created by Opera Software and a music player. In addition, users will have the option of getting an app called 100 Classic Books, which will include works from Jane Austen, Mark Twain, William Shakespeare,  and many more.

The DSi XL is going to have to face competition from a number of other mobile caming consoles, inluding the Apple iPod touch and the Sony PSP Go.

Other features of the Nintendo DSi XL
The mobile gaming console has Wi-Fi built in, allowing users to access the Web as well as purchase and download games on the DSi Shop. The DSi XL also sports a 0.3-megapixel camera, an SD/SDHC memory card slot, and a 3.5 mm headset jack.

Overall it has a dimension of 161×91.4×21.2mm and weighs 314g.

Pricing and Availability
The Nintendo DSi XL was released in North America on 28th March though it is already available in Japan. It retails at US$190, and comes in two color options, burgundy and bronze. The collection of classic e-books will be released in mid-June for $20.

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