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Nintendo releases new trailer for New Super Luigi U


A new trailer for New Super Luigi U for the Wii U takes the time to break down the differences between Luigi and Mario in their respective adventures.

If you were wondering what the differences would be in the new Super Luigi U content for the Wii U then wonder no more.  Nintendo has taken the time to explain the differences between Mario and Luigi in the trailer below.

Hopefully you never made a bet that Mario was superior to Luigi when it comes to jumping because as the video indicates, one of the main differences will be that Luigi can jump higher. If that wasn’t enough, he runs faster than his brother too. The downside is he’ll have to fight momentum because of the high speed so there are risks involved. As well, Luigi will have less time to complete his levels so you’ll have to put these abilities to good use.

The trailer also showcases the now playable character Nabbit who will aid Luigi while playing the game in multiplayer mode. As a reminder, Super Luigi U will be available on June 20 as DLC for New Super Mario Bros. U, while the actual boxed version will be available in stores in August.

Via: Polygon

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