Nintendo is releasing a book about the Legend of Zelda and they've just made a trailer for it – check it out here.

Last year, Nintendo released a book titled "The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Historia"; an encyclopedia of everything Zelda related. The book was only released in Japan, but was hugely popular and became the subject of many fan translations into English. Now, Hyrule historia is getting released in English via Darkhorse comics, and when this was announced earlier this year, pre-orders took Amazon by storm, quickly lifting it to the No. 1 best seller spot.

The hardcover book will feature a detailed presentation of the making of the Legend of Zelda series, including concept art, stories about the development, as well as Zelda history. Perhaps the feature fans will be most interested in seeing, is the official Legend of Zelda timeline; something which many fans have tried to piece together themselves throughout the years, with varying success.


Nintendo has seen it fit to calm the excitement of their fans by releasing a trailer for the new book, which is rather unorthodox. Check it out below!