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No evidence that Intel has pushed OEM chips into retail

If Intel has pushed Haswell OEM-use chips into retail channels, they are proving to be elusive.


On Wednesday, Digitimes reported that Intel has been dumping OEM versions of its Core i5 and i7 chips into the regular retail DIY market. According to Digitimes, this is because procurement orders from PC vendors “have been far short of original expectations” leaving Intel with a large amount of unsold inventory.

OEM chips are priced lower than their retail counterparts, so a dump of inventory as Digitimes described would likely have a strong disruptive impact on the market. However, Digitimes claimed via their sources that a glut of unsold inventory in the market when the second wave of CPU shipments are pushed to channel in July and August would cause more damage so the decision was made to clear out available supplies now.

Except in this case Digitimes’ report based on its claims from its “Taiwan-based retail channels” don’t hold up.

VR-Zone visited half a dozen retailers in Taipei’s Guang Hua Digital Plaza (a multistory PC component and electronics mall), but none had any Core i5 and Core i7 OEM-use chips available for individual sale. Sources VR-Zone spoke to at PChome’s (a Taiwanese computer e-tailer) central office also denied any claims of OEM chips being available in retail channels.

A PR representative for Intel declined to comment, stating that the company doesn’t comment on speculation.

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