Component Used

Processor: Intel Core i7 Extreme 965
Motherboard: Foxconn Blood Rage
Ram: 3 x 2GB AData 9-9-9-24 1600 Mhz
GPU: Asus GTX 280 1GB
HDD: 2 x 300GB Western Digital in RAID 0
PSU: Silverstone 1000W

OS: Windows Vista Ultimate 64 Bit
Video driver: Nvidia Forceware 185.85

CPU Cooler: Intel Core I7 920 Cooler, Thermalright Ultra 120 eXtreme, Noctua NH-U12P


In order to find out the performance of the coolers, we will run several tests to determine the IDLE and LOAD temperatures of the CPU. The tests consists of the following:-

 1  Intel Burn Test v2.1 (5 Times, Maximum Stress)   CPU @ 3.2 Ghz (133 * 24) 
 2  3DMark Vantage (CPU Test)  CPU @ 3.2 Ghz (133 * 24)
 3  Intel Burn Test v2.1 (5 Times, Maximum Stress)  CPU @ 4.06 Ghz (140 * 29)
 4  3DMark Vantage (CPU Test)  CPU @ 4.06 Ghz (140 * 29)

IDLE and LOAD temperatures are recorded using hardware monitor.

LOAD temperatures are based on the highest temperature recorded during the test.

IDLE temperatures are recorded when idling for 15 mins after the test had been run.

Each set of tests will be run twice and average of the results are taken.

Final results will be averaged among the cores.

Ambient temperature is 24 degrees celcius.

We used the Noctua thermalpaste provided for all our coolers.

We included 4 different configurations for our tests.



 Intel Core I7 920 Cooler








 Noctua NH-U12P


 2 Noctua Fans






 Thermalright Ultra 120 eXtreme


 Single Thermalright Fan


 TRUE (1 Fan)




 Thermalright Ultra 120 eXtreme


 2 Noctua Fans






Noctua cooler performs pretty well, being only 1-2 degrees higher than TRUE in the 3.2 Ghz configurations.

4.06 Ghz configurations showed a different results where Noctua NH-U12P cooler beats the TRUE in all the tests.