The 7610 is one of the bolder phone designs by Nokia (who
else?). Designed to look more like a designer’s item than a mundane phone, the
smooth plastic finishing gives the phone a sleek feeling. One problem with such
a plastic finishing is that the outer casing tend to be easily smudged. For the
white base coloured phones, the smudges are not that easily distinguishable.
However, for the black base colours model of this phone, the smudges are very
obvious. Much like the Sony Ericsson T61x series, the smudges are very
irritating and make the phone hard to maintain (aesthetically). The megapixel
(1152 X 864) camera features a high-quality lens, 4x digital zoom, a self-timer,
and a night mode to capture images in low-light conditions.

The Nokia 7610 is larger than the regular phones around. The
size is similar to that of a PDA phone. This makes it slightly uncomfortable to
hold, especially for someone with small hands or simply like to tuck his phone
into his pocket. However, such a design actually aids photo taking. So it is a
pretty fair tradeoff. 7610 also has a mirror on the back cover. For users that
want to take a photo of themselves, they will find the aid of such a mirror to
be invaluable.


When the first glimpse of 7610 reached the internet, many consumers condemned
Nokia for coming out with such radical keypad design similar to the 36xx and the
7210 series. Most proclaimed that SMS would be difficult to master on such a
phone. However, after trying our hand at SMSing, we found it to be actually