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Nokia Communicator 9500

The Nokia 9500 is a Tri-band phone, so travelers visiting the U.S or other similar countries need not change their phones unlike the previous model 9210i which only supports Dual band (thus the only place this phone is defunct is still the sacred land of technology JAPAN, but “options” ARE available).

Faxing using the phone is also simple, but there is nothing special since the 9210i already has this feature. As most of the function is in the Desktop, the Phone menu is kept to the minimum. The Symbian OC makes the operation seamless. It prompts the user when they need to go to the Desktop to further their options. For those of you that have been on the Nokia Symbian 60 platform phones, you will find it a bit frustrating having to switch from Phone to Desktop every now and then.

The new phone keypad is easy to use and adapt to. The navigation has improved with the keypad’s “joy-pad/stick”. This made navigation in the Symbian 60 series phones easy, especially when it comes to gaming. But the “joy-pad/stick” for the Nokia 9500 is closer to that of the Nokia 7610 than the Nokia 6600, thus still faces the usual problem of clicking the wrong direction (rather than clicking center).

There is 1 button on top of the usual green answer button and the red end call button. These are 2 pretty usual buttons for easy navigation for the phone. The right button (above the Red button) is programmable to a list of functions of your choice. The curious thing is that the left button is not programmable at all, thus, the user is stuck with <> for this button (reasonable enough since the <> is a summary of often used functions). But I am sure a lot of users would prefer both buttons being programmable.

The ringer for the phone is also the speaker for the Nokia 9500, and the sound is decent and much more audible compared to the Nokia 7650. The answering of calls is now reversed, compared to the other communicators. The phone display is now facing you instead of facing outside while you are answering/making a call which is more convenient anyway. The phone also supports Ring tones in these various formats: MIDI, WAV, AMR or AAC/MP3, so customized away.

The Extra function for this Communicator Phone Operation must be the build-in camera. You cannot use it for 3G communication but a camera seems to be in every other phone that is released these day, so it is not really much of a surprise. Users can easily add the faces of friends in the contact list just in case you have too many friends with the same name or otherwise.

Resolution of Camera: 640 x 480 pixel resolution; Viewfinder in cover, digital zoom and support for recording video clips.

The camera can capture Video as well and there is no limit to the duration of video captured. Just as long the memory card have the storage. Like the 9210i, this communicator also have an expandable memory with a MMC card (hot swappable). But this time the internal memory is a whopping 80mb built-in compared to the 40mb the 9210i has.

Hands free conversation without an ear piece is possible but only when the desktop is opened or activated.

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