In yet another fight over alleged patent infringements, Nokia has sent its lawyers against Apple, claiming that the Cuppertino company’s iPhone and iPad 3G infringed on five “important Nokia patents”.

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It seems that the legal fight over patent infringements between Apple and Nokia has just taken a turn for the worse, with the Finnish company sending out its layers over what it perceives are infringements of five of its important patents.

There is little specific information about the alleged patents, but it is reportedly claimed that the they relate to better audio and data transmission, location-based services in mobile applications and improvements in antenna designs which allow for a much smaller device footprint. As these patents are critical in determining a mobile phone’s performance and designs, it is not surprising that Nokia considers them almost vital for continued improvements in their mobile phone offerings.

However, Nokia did not make public any action it wants the courts to take against Apple, but Xbit Labs has reported that it is likely the Finnish company will want to call for a block of iPhone and iPad 3G sales,. Unfortunately, given the momentum and popularity of Apple’s products today, such action may be almost impossible.

Apple has yet to respond to Nokia’s claims, but rest assured that we’ll be watching out for this one.

Source: Xbit Labs