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Nokia Lumia 2020 and mystery Sony and LG new contenders tipped to join tablet ring in 2014

Hit-and-miss Taiwanese online publication Digitimes adds fuel to the Nokia Lumia 2020 fire, claiming the 8-inch tablet also known as “Illusionist” will land in the first quarter of 2014.


As usual, the site has no concrete evidence to support its allegations, everything being based on “industry sources” hearsay. But hey, these mysterious insiders have proved spot-on with their suppositions more than once in the past, so why not take their word for it again?

Besides, for once Digitimes isn’t pulling a rabbit out of its hat, as the Lumia 2020 story has been brought to our attention before by much more reliable Twitter tattletale @evleaks. True, he didn’t produce an ETA of any kind, yet another source hinted at the 8-incher becoming official in February, during MWC 2014, which just happens to fit nicely with the latest report.

No words on whether Nokia will look to ditch Windows RT for full Win 8.1 or not, but what’s clear is the Lumia 2020 will pack Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 quad-core heat, exactly as the Lumia 2520, and sport Full HD resolution, thus delivering higher pixel density than big bro.


As for the little guy’s future rivals for a piece of the ever-growing slate pie, they’ll supposedly include brand new Sony and LG-made contenders, but nothing from HTC, Motorola or BlackBerry.

LG, mind you, has turned plenty of heads with its first ever tab effort in what feels like forever, the G Pad 8.3, so don’t be surprised if they’ll look to build on the newly found success with a 10-incher of some kind and at least one Nexus co-branded gizmo.

Meanwhile, Sony hasn’t quite garnered mainstream popularity for its 10-inch Xperia Tablet Z, mostly due to extravagant pricing, so a focus on budget consciousness probably won’t hurt. Surprisingly, Motorola’s tablet plans are said to be on hold, conflicting with recent gossip, whereas HTC and BB, whose stability in the smartphone landscape hangs by a thread, are predictably not to take any gambles in the foreseeable future.

Source: Digitimes

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