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Nokia Lumia 525 appears in leaked photos

With the Lumia 520 becoming the most popular Windows Phone device, everyone’s been looking forward to its upcoming successor, the Lumia 525.


The Lumia 525 has been talked about quite a bit in recent times, and now we have our first look at the device, thanks to photos that appeared on Chinese certification agency TENAA’s website. It looks extremely similar to the Lumia 520, and after being listed as a contest prize and having swung by certification, it won’t be surprising if we see the Lumia 525 up for sale within a week or two.

While the 525 looks like its predecessor, it is expected to come with a couple of upgrades. These include 1GB of RAM instead of 512MB, which should solve compatibility problems with a few apps, and a heavy focus on music – it’s unknown in what way, but we could see free Nokia Music subscriptions as part of the package, along with musical accessories like the NFC-enabled Bluetooth headset that goes by the codename Guru.

Via: LiveSide | Source: TENAA

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