Nokia plans to introduce a Superman-branded limited edition version of their newest Lumia 925. Perhaps the superhero could supercharge sales as well.

Last year it was the Dark Knight themed Lumia 900, this year brings a Superman themed Lumia 925. The Finnish company is about to launch a Man of Steel themed limited edition of the newly announced Lumia 925 in the Chinese market a day after the release of the movie, on June 14. Internal specifications for the normal and themed edition of the smartphone remain identical. Any changes whatsoever are purely aesthetic in nature.

Buyers of this promotional edition will receive a Lumia 925 with a superman logo at the back of their phone as well as the wireless charging back cover (available for purchase as a separate accessory). Software wise, we shouldn't be seeing any major changes with respect to a stock Lumia 925 expect for the inclusion of the official Man of Steel app which was released recently for Windows Phone. The app comprises of various challenges, completing which unlocks an array of multimedia goodies such as wallpapers, ringtones and even 'DC Comics' digital comic books.

The Nokia Lumia 925 Superman Edition will be available in China for CNY 3,999 (translates to about $650). Honestly, we would be a little surprised if this themed version of the phone won't make to other markets in the coming months.

Source: WPDang (Chinese), WP Store via timesDigit