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Nokia N9 Review: Nokia’s first (and perhaps last) MeeGo device

Take a heavy plastic brick, cut off a 1-cm slice and corner the edges. Voila! That’s how the Nokia N9 feels. Made out of polycarbonate, a high quality hard plastic, you can have no worries about paint chirping and even the worst case of scratching, as the phone will only reveal the same colour underneath. Well, the Nokia N9 also survived a few one metre drop from the table without a scratch. Turning the phone to the rear unveils the 8-megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics and dual-LED Flash.

Just a couple of unnoticeable millimetres larger than a Apple iPhone 4S, the uni-body candy bar-designed N9 passed the tight jeans test. Sitting and walking are comfortable with no unsightly budges. The phone feels extremely solid in my hands, both while making short message service (SMSes) and answering calls; it feels natural without any awkward movements.


At the top are neatly concealed 3.5mm audio jack, micro USB and a removable card tray that fits the phone's micro-SIM. Yes, the Nokia N9 uses micro-SIM like the Apple iPhone 4s, and not the standard-size SIM card. Built with only three buttons on the right (power and volume controls up/down) plus its curved 3.9-inch FWVGA AMOLED with scratch-resistant Corning Gorilla glass, the Nokia N9 has taken slick to the next level. Answering the phone in the crowded MRT was a made-me-smile moment. Among the sea of blacks and whites, I pulled out the Nokia N9 and like in a time warp, conversations around me stopped as I could sense wandering eyes on the phone I was holding.

To add salt to envy, I started a game of Need for Speed for the N9 to truly shine. The FWVGA AMOLED display is extremely gorgeous, whether indoors or under the sun; the display colours looked vivid and accurate.

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