Opening Up The N96

The back cover is easily removed by pressing the release button which is above the camera lens. Nokia also included their standard BL-5F 3.7V 950 mAh Li-Polymer battery for use with the N96.

The phone SIM card slot is on the left and you need to lift up the holder using the handle in order to place the card. After fitting in the SIM card in the appropriate direction, push back the holder to lock the card firmly. Put back the battery and lastly the back cover. According to the manufacturer; the Bluetooth, WLAN, GPS and DVB-H antennas are located in the back cover. If you happen to change the back cover, check that the new cover includes the antennas or else the connections may stop working.

Accessories included with the N96 consist of the Get Started guide, User guide, n-Gage guide, Nokia software installation CD, mobile charger DC-4 (car charger), compact travel charger AC-5, USB connectivity cable CA-101, video-out cable CA-75U and stereo headset HS-45 and remote AD-54.