Nokia’s executive VP Chris Weber was in Thailand this week to promote sales in the country mentioned in an interview Instagram will be making its way to the Windows Phone Store in the near future.


Instagram is currently the most notable absentee on the Windows Phone platform. While other major publishers have launched Windows Phone versions of their apps, Instagram has not yet done so. In fact, the lack of the photo sharing app is often considered to be the number one reason not to get a Windows Phone device. While there have been a host of third party alternatives, Instagram has blocked third party uploads, making them effectively useless.

Nokia’s executive VP Chris Weber, in an interview with the Bangkok Post, said that Instagram will come to the Windows Phone Store, although he did not give out any details as to when. He also reiterated Nokia’s goal of overtaking Samsung as the global leader in terms of market share.

Thailand is a vital market for Nokia. The Finnish manufacturer holds a market share of 20 percent in the smartphone segment. It has been estimated that 18-20 million mobiles will be sold in the country this year, with around 8 million sales in the smartphone segment.

Nokia has sold 7.4 million Lumia in the second quarter, and Weber says that they are looking to bring down the prices of its entry-level Lumia to $170 in Thailand. The budget segment is the one that accounts for most of the sales in the Thai market. Nokia intends to launch the 3D-enabled Lumia 208 for $62 (2000 Baht), and will launch the high-end Lumia 1020 for $624 (26000 Baht).

SourceBangkok Post