Not only did Nokia post a teaser poster of the Lumia 928 on their website a week before the official unveiling, the struggling Finnish giant has posted a video comparing low-light footage taken from their Lumia 928, and compared with the Galaxy S III and iPhone 5.

First they make a post on an unannounced handset on their website. Next they release a video comparing their upcoming smartphone's camera prowess. We really hope what comes after this is the official release of the long rumored and beyond confirmed Nokia Lumia 928.

The Nokia Lumia 928 features an 8.7 MP PureView camera that bears the same image stabilization technology as the Lumia 920 (with some improvements, being second generation). Nokia's new camera promo compares this Carl Zeiss lens and (proprietary) OIS technology bearing Lumia 928 camera with the (excellent) Apple iPhone 5 and Galaxy S III (we wonder why it isn't the S IV) camera, while riding "The Hurricane".

In the shootout, the Lumia 928 camera sample comes out (unsurprisingly) with better color saturation and general output especially in low light scenarios. The video does freeze at rather convenient places to point out the superiority of the PureView camera, although we don't really doubt the camera to be anything but great.

Nokia's Lumia 928 is scheduled to be officially unveiled on the 14th of May, just under one week from now.

Source: Nokia