Smartphone manufacturer Nokia is currently seeking buyers for their luxury phone division, Vertu, after more than a decade since its creation. Amidst the Finnish company’s restructuring efforts, it seems that Nokia is planning to dedicate its resources toward the smartphone and devices for budget users.  


Luxury phone label Vertu may be sold by Nokia soon as the Finnish company intends to focus on smartphones and devices for budget consumers. After more than ten years in operation, Nokia’s luxury division is up for sale, with various private equity firms and luxury brands already indicating interest. Vertu phones are known for their use of expensive materials together with daring and luxurious design language, and the devices also feature exclusive ‘concierge’ service which allows owners to make various requests such as making restaurant reservations and booking hotel rooms, which is the center piece to the phone’s appeal. Hopefully, we will be able to see more innovations from them in the face of the burgeoning and fickle smartphone market even when Vertu lands in the hands of another company.

Source: Electronista