Nokia is clearly trying to make the Lumia 928’s camera the focal point, and another video has been uploaded by the company to prove that the phone’s camera setup is superior to competing devices.

In a previous video, Nokia set up a rollercoaster demo to compare video recordings using the Lumia 928, Samsung Galaxy S III, and Apple iPhone 5.  While it’s quite obvious that Nokia’s smartphone is superior in low lighting (as you can see by the rollercoaster demo), one can only wonder why Nokia decided to go with the S3 instead of the S4 for comparison.

What about in daylight? This time around, Nokia took to the sky in a chopper and recorded some footage that serves to promote the Lumia’s superb camera hardware.  However, in this particular video, Nokia didn’t pit its flagship against anything else, so it’s a bit harder to gauge how much better the Lumia 928 is in broad day light.