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Nokia reportedly working on a new Windows Phone device

After having ventured into uncharted territory with the Nokia X, it appears that the company is going back to basics.


For the past few years now Nokia has exclusively been making Windows Phone devices, and even though it has unveiled its first crop of Android powered phones, evidently it hasn’t shifted focus from doing what it does best.

It worked to Nokia’s advantage that there haven’t been that many OEMs committed to making Windows Phone devices in the past, which is partly why it is singlehandedly the largest WP vendor right now. However at Mobile World Congress 2014 last month Microsoft announced nine new hardware partners who are now committed to making WP devices, and with the company opening up the platform to low-end and mid-range devices as well as possibly cutting licensing fees, competition between Windows Phone OEMs is bound to rise in the coming months.

So what is Nokia currently working on that will maintain its presence in this particular arena? According to serial leaker @evleaks, there’s a new Windows Phone device codenamed “Martini,” and that its going to run Windows Phone Blue, a moniker often attributed to Windows Phone 8.1. There isn’t much known about the device at this point in time, though since its expected to run WP 8.1, its quite possible that Martini might not make an official appearance at least under the second quarter.

Not much is known about Windows Phone 8.1 at this point in time as well. Microsoft has only dropped hints so far, but it is expected to talk about this major update in more detail at its BUILD conference next month. It is expected that Windows Phone 8.1 may be released in the second quarter as well.

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