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Nokia ridicules Apple again, this time comparing the iPad Air with the Lumia 2520 (video)

Nokia has made a habit of advertising its products at the expense of the competition and the latest Lumia 2520 commercial follows the tradition, pitting the 10-inch tab/mini-laptop hybrid against the less productive Apple iPad Air.


No prizes for guessing which of the two comes out on top in the comparison. Or what kind of tools Nokia uses to prove its point. You have (not so) subtle humorous dig after dig, plenty of punchy satire and a central character that seems to perfectly embody the portrait of iFans outlined by many a parody in the past.

The poor geezer (it’s a British advert after all) starring in the clip sets out by feeling immense pride for his latest purchase, that of one iPad Air, market value $499 and up. Only he doesn’t really get the anticipated feedback from his friends (i.e. uncontained jealousy), despite his illustrious on-the-go computing machine being thinner than a pencil.

To make matters worse, the iPad doesn’t just affect the bloke’s social status, also forcing him to carry around both the tab and a full-fledged laptop for when the touchscreen is too uncomfortable to use or the battery juice unexpectedly runs out. What was that about working on the move?

Long story short, our once arrogant protagonist ends up being humbled by a Nokia Lumia 2520, “the right tablet if you don’t want to choose, work OR play, battery OR bulk”. Great point, decent execution from Nokia, amusing, witty and smart, right? Not so fast.

As usual, Microsoft and its partners don’t tell the full story when going for Cupertino’s jugular, “neglecting” to mention how Lumia 2520’s Windows RT is clearly inferior to iOS 7 in app support.

Or how the 10.1-inch screen of the former boasts 1,920 x 1,080 pixels resolution, whereas the latter’s 9.7-incher touts 2,048 x 1,536 pixels. Or how the Nokia slate tips the scales at 615 grams (no docking station included), a whopping 145 grams north of iPad Air’s weight. You see, choosing between the two is ultimately not so easy.

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