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Nokia and Samsung agree on patent licensing renewal

Nokia and Samsung have agreed to extend their licensing agreement over various patents, but details regarding the actual patents in the deal are still sparse.


According to various reports, both parties have agreed to stick with their old terms prior to the renewal of the licensing deal.  Those unaffiliated with the contract details are still guessing as to what exactly the patent deal between Samsung and Nokia pertains to, although, some are thinking it has something to do with both parties’ mobile business.

Currently, Samsung is a giant among giants in the mobile market, but it’s still reliant on the innovations (past and present) of others to keep their product lines fresh and intriguing in the eyes of consumers.  Nokia recently sold off its mobile hardware business to Microsoft, but not its patents and other intellectual properties.  Hence, it doesn’t seem like the Microsoft-Nokia deal has hindered the South Korean tech giant’s quest to remain at the top.

Microsoft is currently trying to carve out some market share in the hotly contested smartphone market, and is hoping that it can do so with an established brand like Nokia now in its possession.

Source: techcrunch via android community

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