Nokia is no stranger to tough times but things have been going a bit better as of late.  Enough so that they’ve managed to attract Huawei as a potential buyer for the company, that is, if they want it.


It feels like yesterday when Stephen Elop delivered his now famous “burning platform” memo to Nokia workers everywhere. At the time it was the truth, the company had completely fallen behind in every way imaginable and was having trouble finding its own place in the modern smartphone world.

They aren’t out of the deep end just yet but they have been doing better. Nokia’s shares have surged 11% and there is more than one possible reason for this.  The first of which is that an article posted by the Financial Times writer Daniel Thomas contained a quote from Huawei’s Richard Yu which stated that they are open-minded to acquiring a company like Nokia depending on how willing the Finnish company would be in pursuing this.


The second reason being that Nokia has been the predominant supplier of Windows Phones which haven’t been lighting up the charts, but Lumia phones have still found their niche and are selling at a steady rate. As for which reason has sparked investor interest I’d say it’s the former over the latter, but it’s always interesting to see things brewing for a company that was once nothing more than a burning platform.

Via: Barron’s