Was a Nokia Lumia running on Android a pipe dream for you? According to the New York Times, that dream could have been a reality, as Nokia was reportedly testing Android on Lumia phones before Microsoft swooped in to acquire its phone business. 

Nokia And Windows Announce New Lumia Handset

The Finnish firm reportedly started experimenting with Android “well before” the Microsoft deal, as an alternative in case the Microsoft partnership didn’t last beyond 2014 and Windows Phone failed to gain traction. Microsoft was reportedly aware of the project, but according to Times’ sources it wasn’t a factor in Microsoft’s decision to buy Nokia’s handset division, even though they were a bit worried about losing Nokia’s support.

The fact that Nokia was testing Android doesn’t mean they would actually have gone with Google’s popular OS. It’s always in a company’s best interests to have a “plan B,” and testing Android was probably just part of that plan. But for everyone who clamored for a Lumia powered by Android (and that awesome PureView camera), well, a disappointing day, to say the least.

Would you have loved to have a Nokia-made Android phone, or do you think Windows Phone was much better suited to run on those beautiful Lumia handsets? Sound off in the comments.

SourceNew York Times