Looks like Nokia is finally embracing bigger devices, read "phablets". According to a report by WMPoweruser, the Finnish giant is planning on introducing their first Lumia phablet sometime in Q4 2013.

Nokia is known for producing bulky and sturdy devices (look at the N900 for example). Their flagship Lumia 920 (which is quickly aging now) is nearly 11 mm thick and is considerably heavier than other phones (185 grams). Even then it's screen size is limited only to 4.5 inch, which incidentally is Nokia's largest smart device ever. With recent rumors that the Finnish legend might be working on a Windows based tablet, it's hardly a surprise when we read about the same company working on it's own (and very first) phablet.

"What we’re trying to do is really make sure that we’re shifting the focus towards hero experiences. So, you hear us talking a lot about imaging, and so, you should watch…for us to continue to advance the state of the art, like what is the best experience in imaging on devices." – Timo Ihamuotila, CFO, Nokia

Mobile Today reports that Nokia might be working on a 6-inch Windows based phablet, to launch in the fourth quarter of 2013. This new phablet will be priced between $600-$800 and be powered by Windows Phone 8, perhaps with a new updated OS on board. We already know of Windows 8's GDR3 update scheduled for release later this summer. This new update will support for 1080p high resolution displays as well as quad core processors and a host of other changes, tweaks etc.

Source: Mobile Today & WMPowerUser


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