Nokia X1-00

Nokia X series smartphones are designed for the young adults, focusing on music and entertainment. The upcoming Nokia X1-00 will be the new addition to the family and boasts a candybar form factor with built-in speakers (from the rear).

Nokia’s market share has been greatly eroded by Android and iOS platform, but it seems that the Finnish company is still keeping to its schedule to launch its line of new mobile devices. Recently, Nokia has introduced the latest member of its X-series smartphones, designed to offer great music and entertainment for youths. If you remembered, the X-series is the successor to the XpressMusic brand of smartphones.

The X1-00 is a mid-range music phone, similar to the X2-00. While it supports GSM, it isn’t 3G ready. From the rear view, we can see the built-in speaker, but there’s no integrated camera. This means that it isn’t a full-feature smartphone. The Nokia X1-00 will first be launched in India, followed by China. The price is estimated to be approximately US$50. While Nokia may be losing its edge in the higher end smartphone market, it still reigns in the mid and lower end market.