GALAXY is back with yet another different-looking GeForce GTX 470. While the previous ‘custom GeForce GTX 470’ sported just a heatsink cover change, this GeForce GTX 470 GC has been completely redesigned from the printed circuit board (PCB), right up to the cooler.

The GALAXY non-reference GeForce GTX 470 measures 9-inches. It is shorter than the reference GTX 470 and GTX 480 which measure 9.5-inches and 10.5-inches respectively.

Hot air is pushed out of the card (and out of the casing too) through a large vent on the I/O plate.

Display outputs are provided by two DVI dual-link ports and one HDMI port.


There is an additional opening at the other end of the card for hot air to be expelled. While having both ends of the card open for air to flow through helps lower card temperatures, the former would introduce hot air circulating within the casing.

Power is delivered to the GALAXY via two 6-pin PCI Express connectors, similar to that of the reference GeForce GTX 470.


The back of the GALAXY non-reference GeForce GTX 470 is pictured below.


Peering down the gap where the NVIDIA SLI connector is located, reveals a full copper base in contact with the GeForce GTX 470 GPU.