Next, we’ll be meddling around with what GALAXY calls the ‘detachable cooling system’.

With the fan holder released from its catches, we’re able to peek at some of the components placed on the PCB.

According to GALAXY, they  used only solid capacitors and high quality components on this custom-designed card.


Four copper heatpipes are employed to conduct heat away from the GPU.

It looks like there is a lot of cooling surface area on the GALAXY; the aluminium fins span across the whole card.


While it is nothing more than a design to enable lifting of the fan, we found it to be very useful.

A damp cloth, a small brush (as pictured above), or compressed air can be used to rid the fan blades and heatsink fins of dirt that will collect over time.

Build-up of dirt would impede airflow, causing cooling performance to take a hit.