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noPhoto, the anti camera tickets hardware

A traffic camera may never be able to catch you running a red light again.  How is this possible?  Simple, you fight flash with flash.

This simple contraption, which wraps around your car’s license plate, acts like a reflector so that the traffic camera won’t be able to nail you as you’re moving across the intersection.  To be a little more specific, the contraption has a built in optical trigger that will set off a few xenon flashes to overexpose the picture taken by the traffic camera.

The creator of this device, Jonathan Dandrow, calls it noPhoto—a straightfoward name indeed.  Dandrow claims, however, that the device is not meant for people to neglect the law and drive carelessly.  Rather, he insists that noPhoto is meant to help ordinary citizens fight money-hungry authorities.

President of the National Motorist Association, Gary Biller, concurs with the notion that various municipals install traffic cameras with the sole purpose of money-making in mind, even though the counter argument is that the cameras are meant to increase traffic safety.

"Red-light cameras are a money-making enterprise for the cities that deploy them," says Biller.  "Proponents claim that cameras improve intersection safety by deterring red-light running and by ticketing rolling-right-turn-on-red drivers. Yet numerous studies, including an investigative report by the Washington Post, have shown accident rates increasing by double-digit percentages after the introduction of cameras."

Regardless of the intents behind the traffic cameras, Dandrow thinks he is on to something with noPhoto and is currently seeking backers via Indiegogo.  His hope is that he’ll be able to raise $80,000 to have noPhoto certified by Underwriter’s Laboratories.  The price tag will be around $350 apiece, and as of right now, the contraption is still in the prototype stage.

Source: Huffington Post

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