Android users can now secure their mobile devices from physical and online crime with the free Norton's Mobile Security Lite. The new security application offers selected anti-theft features with powerful anti-malware to keep your data safe even if you lose your phone.

Norton by Symantec has unveiled the availability of Norton Mobile Security Lite, a free security application for Android-based smartphones. The Norton Mobile Security Lite claims to seamlessly combine selected anti-theft features with powerful anti-malware that gives users security even if their phone is lost, stolen or compromised by malware.

Key features On Norton Mobile Security Lite:

– Anti-theft – The average adult in Singapore loses his mobile phone 1.6 times in 5 years and 50 percent reported concerns over the loss of privacy and sensitive information.  Norton Mobile Security Lite allows users to lock lost or stolen phones, preventing strangers or thieves from accessing vital information or running up their mobile bill. 

– Anti-malware – Scans all files and app updates downloaded to the mobile device and automatically detects and removes threats without slowing you down.

– Automatic LiveUpdate – Automatically downloads and installs security updates keeping you a step ahead of cybercriminals.

Pricing and Availability

Norton Mobile Security Lite is now available for free in English on the Android Market. For users who want additional protection such as the ability to block unwanted calls or text messages; or block phishing websites used to steal personal information and money, there is the option to upgrade to the full featured Norton Mobile Security for an annual subscription of S$19.90.