A new rumor suggests Microsoft will ship a notification center in the GDR3 update for Windows Phone 8, and that the feature is currently under testing at Nokia.


Pictures of a notification screen that Microsoft is working on for Windows Phone had leaked earlier, but it wasn’t expected to make its way to devices until 2014, via the Windows Phone 8.1 ‘Blue’ update. However, according to a tip received by Nokiapoweruser, the much-awaited feature might be included in the upcoming GDR3 update.

The GDR3 update is apparently being tested internally at Nokia India, and also includes a new feature dubbed “Appetite.” The tipster wasn’t clear on what it does, and the name simply brings up pictures of food in my mind, though I’m sure you guys will be able to speculate quite well on what Appetite could be.

That notification center is all most will care about in this case though, and here’s hoping Microsoft really does ship it with GDR3, an update which will include support for newer hardware such as quad-core processors and 1080p displays, ability to fit more medium-sized tiles in a row, multitasking improvements, and more.

Source: Nokiapoweruser