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November Apple TV related announcement still said to be on the cards

The Cupertino based tech giant has been recently rumored to be considering a November event for an Apple TV related announcement. New reports suggest that it is still likely for the company to make such an announcement right around the holiday season.


There’s absolute uncertainty right now about Apple’s TV related plans. It has been rumored to be working on a full fledged television set, though quite a lot of people believe that such a product won’t be launched until 2014. There have been no rumors of an updated Apple TV, the set-top box that’s Apple’s only offering in the TV market. A standalone TV set would an opportunity improve Apple’s position in the global TV market, but would it do that at the cost of phasing out the $99 set-top box?

Apple recently bought Matcha, a young startup that pulled in personalized recommendations for its users from over 250,000 titles available from online video streaming services such as HBO GO, iTunes, Amazon Prime, Netflix and more. Match’s pairing algorithms were said to be better than any other apps in that particular niche and it is believed that Apple made this acquisition to drive improvement for the recommendation engine on Apple TV.

Recent reports suggest that Apple has met with a number of suppliers for components that will go into the TV set, these suppliers include Corning, Innolux, G-Tech and more. 55 inch and 60 inch models of the Apple TV set are expected to be released in 2014, with a unique “interaction” system that has not been seen before on television sets. So what to make of the November event? Well, it is possible that Apple might unveil a refreshed version of the set-top box. Some sources are still going out on a limb and predicting the launch of a standalone TV set in this very year, what’s left of it anyway. Apple, as always, hasn’t dropped a single hint regarding its future plans.

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