When you think of Chinese smartphone manufacturers capable of coming up with solid budget-conscious products, the first names to pop to mind are probably Huawei, ZTE and Xiaomi. Yet there are also OEMs like Nuu that don’t invest very much in marketing, but are extremely gifted in the design department.

Nuu Nu1

The Nu1, despite a not very inspired name, should prove that beyond the shadow of a doubt. Not only is the thing extremely cheap, even by Chinese standards, but is also handsome and elegant while packing enough heat beneath the hood to take on most upper mid-range handhelds out there.

But let’s start with the beginning. Nuu’s Nu1 can only be purchased via the company’s official website for an extremely affordable 1,299 Yuan off-contract. That’s roughly 210 US bucks, though keep in mind that it’s nearly impossible to score this thing in the West.

The Nu1 is definitely not without flaws, but if you ask me the strong points overwhelm the downsides. On one hand, the design is clearly Samsung Galaxy S3-inspired. On the other, that doesn’t make the Nu1 any less of a looker, with a thin profile, healthy curves and fairly slim bezels.


The running of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich may be the biggest deal-breaker of them all, probably tied with the meager 1,780 mAh battery. But there’s a zippy dual-core 1.7 GHz Snapdragon CPU inside the thing, plus 1 GB of RAM, not to mention the display is comfortably sized (4.8 inches) and boasts a more than satisfactory 720p resolution.

Going deeper in Nu1’s guts, you’ll find the same hot and cold scenario, with both good things (microSD support, 8 MP rear camera, NFC) and bad (8 GB of internal memory). All in all however, I think we can all agree the bang for the buck factor is excellent.

Via [Giz China]


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