This is how the card compares to the 6800 Ultra and 7800 GTX
in terms of physical outlook:

3  NVIDIA 6800 GS 256MB

It is basically the same length as a 6800 Ultra and GT, and shorter than a
7800 GTX.


4  NVIDIA 6800 GS 256MB

As seen from the picture above, the card sports a single slot cooling solution
and the cooler is very similar to the one employed on the 6800 GT.


6  NVIDIA 6800 GS 256MB

From the back of the card, it looks much more like a 7800 GT than a 6800 GT.


7  NVIDIA 6800 GS 256MB

This can be seen from the power management arrangement on the back of the board,
where you have your voltage regulators and FETS.


24  NVIDIA 6800 GS 256MB

At the back I/O cover of the card is a VGA output connector, a DVI output connector
and a VIVO capable S-Video output.


25  NVIDIA 6800 GS 256MB

The slim but effective copper cooler over the 6800 GS core.


26  NVIDIA 6800 GS 256MB

The blower rated at 0.36A. It is quite silent during operation, even while
the card is running in 3D mode. But it sufficiently cools the card and there
can be very very little chance of any over-heating with the stock cooling setup.


28  NVIDIA 6800 GS 256MB

Opening up the cooler, we see that there is no shim at all below, unlike the
6800 GTs and Ultras which come with a metal shim around the core to prevent
chiping. Perhaps a step to cut cost.


29  NVIDIA 6800 GS 256MB

The GF-6800-GTS-GS-B1 Core, manufactured in the 33rd week of 2005. This is
110 Nanometer.

Compared to an old 6800 GT 130 Nanometer core:

32  NVIDIA 6800 GS 256MB


While it is a different core, it will be interesting to see if there are actually
an additional 4 potential pipelines in the card or not. The smaller die would
entail smaller power consumption though.


27  NVIDIA 6800 GS 256MB

Onboard is Samsung 2.0ns RAMs.