We take a look next at the very important game benchmarks, as
this is what 99% of the people buy the card for! We ran all these games at high
quality settings, and at 2 resolutions: 1024×768 and 1280×1024 with 8x Anisotropic
Filtering. The latter was ran to make the difference between the cards more
distinguishable as the GPU becomes more of the bottle-neck at that setting,
rather than the CPU.

At the more GPU-limited setting of 1280×1024 with 8xAF, we see the 6800 GS
lagging behind the 6800 GT by less than 10fps while maintaning
a good 15fps lead over the 6800 Standard.

Best-looking playable setting:

Indeed, we find that Doom 3 is very playable at 1280×1024 High Quality with
8xAF with this card. Average of 76fps in the timedemo.


In Half Life 2, the major bottleneck still lied with the CPU and so we get
excellent frame rate at the great quality setting of 1280×1024 with 8xAF. 103fps
with the powerful FX57.

Best-looking playable setting:

Half Life 2 plays very well at 1280×1024 High Quality with 8xAF,
averaging 103fps on the 6800 GS.